Thursday, November 20, 2014

Vanished New Bern, No. 8

a series of views of lost area buildings

By John B. Green III

The Swert House

Swert House, 600 block Broad Street, north side, photo c. 1900.
The Swert House was named for the family which owned and occupied it for ninety years from 1878 until it was demolished in 1968.  Most probably constructed during the first quarter of the 19th century for Frederick Jones, this imposing gambrel-roofed house stood at 614 Broad Street, where Tabernacle Baptist Church now stands.  Although the house was lost in 1968, some of the elaborate Federal-period interior woodwork survived the demolition.  Much of the parlor woodwork, including the mantel seen below, was removed from the house by Swert family descendants and installed in a new house on Change Street.

Early 19th century woodwork in the parlor of the Swert House, photo c. 1960.