Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Old Photographs

Time travel for the self-isolated.

Cutting-Allen House on original site, 200 block, Broad Street, north side. The house was constructed c. 1793 and moved to its present site on New Street in 1980.
by John B. Green III

Once in a while it's OK to do a little time traveling by enjoying some old photographs.  The Kellenberger Room has hundreds of them. These are from our Minnette C. Duffy Collection and date between 1930 and 1940. Mrs. Duffy was one of the founders of the New Bern Historical Society and one of the early leaders in the effort to restore Tryon Palace.  We will continue to post old photographs of New Bern in  the days and weeks to come in the hope that they provide a pleasant diversion in these stressful times.

Eli Smallwood House portico, 500 Block, East Front Street, east side. The Smallwood House was constructed c. 1810-1812 by New Bern merchant and planter Eli Smallwood and contains some of the finest Federal-period woodwork in the city.

Coor-Gaston House, southwest corner, New and Craven streets. Constructed c. 1785 by James Coor, the house's most illustrious owner was William Gaston, member of Congress and justice of the State Supreme Court. Gaston composed the state song, The Old North State, in 1835.

Edward F. Smallwood House, northwest corner, New and Craven streets. Constructed c. 1840-1845 by Dr. Edward F. Smallwood,  the property also contains his free-standing office constructed c. 1850 just to the north on Craven Street.

Charles Slover House, southwest corner, Johnson and East Front streets. Constructed 1848-49 by Charles Slover, merchant and ship owner, engaged in trade with the West Indies.

Early cannon, 400 block, East Front Street, east side. Eighteenth century cannon unearthed on Middle Street in 1930 and placed by the New Bern Historical Society along the East Front Street parkway in 1933.